Our Story

Our brand HENIM® isn’t about to sell another fabric, it’s about to promote material, that was important to India’s history in many ways.


CANNABIS - Nine-thousand-year-old Wonder Crop of the Himalayas


Handloom – Gandhi’s tool for swadeshi movement and fight for freedom 

Natural Silk

The Raw HENIM® 

An - Undyed, 100% hemp-derived, consciously woven 

The Raw HENIM® represents a conscious, decision-driven lifestyle and stands for responsible consumption and sustainable resources. We strive to provide better options that won't compromise the environment or future generations. These better choices, however, don't need to sacrifice the quality, or style of premium fabrics.

How it all began 

Thought hasn’t appeared overnight. It’s taken many a rolled-up sleeve, late nights, and steely determination. 

We started in the midst of a global pandemic of 2020 where our national leader gave a call to become “आत्मनिर्भर(Self-Reliant).” 

We then followed thought of promoting sustainability and self-reliance. We wanted to create a contemporary label that incorporates the value of Environmental-Social-Economical sustainability. 


Mahatma Gandhi with his spinning wheel in 1925.Credit...Rühe/Ullstein Bild, via Getty Images

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Image by Andrej Lišakov

Material & Make


Our hunt for natural/sustainable/durable fabrics is what brought us to using Cannabis - nine-thousand-year-old Wonder Crop of the Himalayas. 


We wanted to make it into the fabric with sustainable methods that could be put to most versatile use. After we source fibres we do all the subsequent process with MSME and Khadi Organisations. One of our KHADI organisation empower about 400 skilled craftsmen in rural areas of Ahmedabad, Gujarat that spin the yarn on “Charkha” and weave the fabric on handloom. We believe Khadi is the key not only because of the fashion and aesthetic factors but it also contributes to the economy by providing employment to a large section of our country.


The first styles we made were simple. We were eager to show the beauty of these kinder yarns so didn’t overcomplicate our designs. We discovered the yarns really came into their own when carefully cut and sewn as the simplest basic essentials. More designs that let this raw beauty come through are what happened next.


Today, there’s still a simplicity in our fabrics that we never want to loose. It’s what brings an air of timelessness and wearability to our pieces.